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Are you in a position where you now need to start making and meeting new friends to expand your social activities?  Well no need to despair as you are not alone in your quest, we have 1000's of members who are in the exact same position as you.

A lot of our members have moved to a different location in Australia due to work commitments or personal reasons and it is not long before they realise that without their old circle of friends to rely on that their social life has suddenly taken a dive and they find themself in a bit of a pickle in regard to how to kick start their social calendar again.

Others have found themself as the last single man or single woman standing in their circle of friends and now have no-one to go out with.

A lot of people tend to put their career before their social life too and then before they know it they are at an age or a place in their life where they have had enough and want to start living life again but soon realise they have no standing friendships to fall back on.

A marriage split up can also have the same dire affect on friendships as having friends as a couple is completely different to being single.

Therefore regardless of the reason behind your predicament it is always the same question "Where on earth do I start to find, meet and make new friends" and this is where we come in to help.

By adding your free profile to our site you will be able to view all members in your local area who are also looking to make new friends online and are more than happy to meet new friends for a coffee and chat or to join in on a mutual interest as you will also be able to view their hobbies and interests and immediately you will have a common goal.

As the old saying goes "one can never have too many friends" so even if you meet someone for a date and it doesn't work out physically there is no reason to not keep in contact and attend social events together and who only knows what doors this will open in your social life.

Add your free profile and start making new friends online immediately, before you know it you'll be meeting new people and lasting friendships will begin to develop.

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