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Online Dating Safety Tips

Tips and advice on personal safety when dating online

Spice of Life Dating Sites provide a safe and secure anonymous email system where you can both chat and get to know each other without divulging any personal information until YOU feel comfortable, you have total control over how fast or slow you wish to proceed

A first meeting with any new love interest is always very exciting and is normally perfectly safe, online dating is no more or less safe than any other kind of dating it is the same general rules of caution, most of our online dating tips below are simple common sense guidelines which you would normally apply to yourself if you were meeting someone from a blind date, a club or pub or any another venue.

  • Trust your instincts and take the basic precautions

We have provided internet dating tips below, however, please also keep in mind that for any relationship to develop there has to be a little give and take from each party involved in order to take the next step and arrange a phone conversation or meeting

Corresponding Tips

  • It is advisable to remain anonymous when you begin communicating
  • Exchanging a full name is not required first names are sufficient
  • Ask general questions about the persons hobbies and interests and likes and dislikes
  • You should only reveal your private email address when you feel comfortable in doing so
  • Please note your private email address may include your full name, if so create and share an alias email address eg: hotmail or yahoo account
  • Chat on the phone however, when exchanging phone numbers a mobile number is adequate to begin with
  • You should not feel pressured or obliged into revealing any personal information (full names, addresses, workplace address)
  • Genuine members would never ask for money
  • Never give money or disclose financial details to a member please read our scammer tips below

Meeting Tips

  • Once you are chatting privately and decide to arrange to meet, please proceed with caution, common sense and think "safety"
  • Always arrange to meet in a public place
  • Always inform a third party of the meeting
  • Always carry your mobile phone
  • Always arrange your own transport to and from the meeting
  • Never invite the person to your house on the first meeting only proceed with this when you feel absolutely comfortable
  • Never arrange to meet at a hotel room
  • A daytime coffee or lunch meeting is more advisable rather than a night time dinner for various reasons

Spice of Life has taken every precaution available in preventing scammers, con artists (Nigerian scammers) from entering our site, however it is not impossible for these "bad apples" to enter a profile, therefore to ensure that you are not vulnerable to such a scam please read the following warning signs below:

Signs of a scammer member - Please always use your common sense and gut instinct

  • The email is poorly written, broken English, vague or repeats itself.
  • They send you a very glamourous photograph of themself and you can't believe your luck
  • The age they are seeking is wide and they say age does not matter to them
  • If it looks to good to be true then it most probably is not true
  • The scammer might start off by building a rapport with you (no matter where in the world they are, Russia, Nigeria, Africa are the most common however any country is possible)
  • They tell you that they love or desire you after your first contact or only after a few emails.
  • They will always push to correspond with you privately
  • They then tell you a sob story of how they are terribly poor due to a death in the family
  • Or how they have a very sick family member and are in the depths of despair
  • Or they will tell you they are in the process of moving to your country very soon
  • Or how they would love to create a new life in another country but do not have the airfare or travel documents
  • Or they will tell you about a large amount of money they need to transfer out of their country, or that they want to share with you.
  • Then they will ask you (directly or more subtly) for your banking details or money for an administrative fee or tax that they claim needs to be paid to free up the money
  • or they will ask you for financial help for their desperate situation
  • You may be asked for your bank account details or for gifts or money.
  • The emails become more desperate or direct if you do not send money straight away.

All of the above are variations of the Nigerian 419 scam. Genuine members will NEVER EVER ask you for money

Again please use your common sense, gut instinct and initiative, should you be contacted by a member that shows any pattern of the scammer signs above please click here and inform us immediately of their ID number and/or email address and a copy of the email they have sent you and we shall delete the person and ban them from re-entering our website.

Should there be any incidents relating to victims or perpetrators of sexual assault that have occurred in Queensland, you can have your concerns raised in a safe and secure setting by contacting Their specialised unit is directly involved in the investigation of sexual assaults committed against and by Queensland citizens

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