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Dating Sites Help Singles Through Self Isolation

Online Dating With COVID-19

Online dating is already the most popular way to meet a significant other, Now, amid the global spread of the corona virus COVID-19, all singles are now viewing it as the safest way to maintain some form of a dating life.

Across Australia COVID-19 has closed off all kinds of potential dating options, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, sports groups, gyms, concerts, professional sports and gathering places have all been closed and affected.

Australians are being asked not to congregate in groups, and more people than ever are working from home to prevent further spread of the virus.

Dating site users have delayed or cancelled in-person meetups due to concerns about getting the disease and unfortunately as the virus keeps spreading that fear is going to increase

I think that everyone realises by now that to reduce the risk of getting coronavirus, health officials recommend people wash their hands thoroughly, disinfect surfaces and practice social distancing. That means everyone should stay indoors and stay 6 feet away from others when and if you need to go out for necessities.

The world is in an unknown phase at the moment, the coronavirus crisis could last through to July or August; experts say social distancing could be needed for months.   Join Free

The beauty of online dating is “You may be in isolation, but you do not need to be isolated”

Just because singles are now spending more time at home, does not mean their dating lives have to be put on the backburner.  Currently singles are looking to more health conscious ways of connecting with others and are more discerning during their dating process.

I don’t think anyone really wants to rush into meeting in person, given everything that is happening worldwide.  Singles are now asking themselves; do I like this person enough to risk catching the virus?

It is heart-warming to see that our members are making the correct decision by thinking and acting this way, as really, what is the hurry?

With “social distancing” now upon us, and people hopefully doing the right thing by staying at home rather than taking the chance of going out unnecessarily. Our singles are still interested in having online dates, this practice has been documented numerous times over the years during our national emergencies such as bushfires and flooding etc where people have been shut off in their homes and isolated from the outside world.

Dating sites have taken notice of the new dating scene which is emerging as not only do daters have no-where social to go on a date, they also cannot greet each other with a friendly handshake or hug, so all that is left is “hello and a wave” or a “thumbs up to each other”,  which is now the new norm Australia wide.

For our members who do still wish to meet up in person, this means no kissing, hugging, high fives, holding hands or anything with close contact.  We would advise if you must meet up to proceed with caution!   Join Free

Digital Dating For Singles

Goodbye, bars. Hello, screens: As singles are faced with socially distancing themselves amid a pandemic, those who are single are now pursuing online dating with their health and wellness in mind

For those wanting to skip in-person meetings altogether, nearly everyone has a smart phone these days so there’s always the option to chat and flirt with email, texting, Whats App, Facetime, and all video chat programs.  These chat and video programs are a fantastic way for singles to still have that human connection and move forward with their relationship, while not actually meeting up in person.

Being 2020, anything is possible digitally and as seen in the past, many true love stories can come out of meeting someone online.

Online dating is the perfect answer for everyone concerned as you can easily social distance yourself and flirt up a storm at the same time, it’s a “Win-Win” situation for everyone.

Spice of Life members are now chatting longer than usual and are using their digital tools to have multiple online dates which is equally exciting as meeting up in person.   They are still able to flirt, have social banter, enjoy eye contact and can still get the exciting butterflies in the stomach as feelings and emotions can definitely develop and mature via these avenues.

If a member mentions coronavirus in their dating profile, this means that person pays attention to the news, and is taking his/her health seriously which is a good sign.

After making their initial connection with potential partners through our dating site, below are some fun date ideas that can be conducted from the comfort of your home over video chat.  

  • You can watch a movie together: Pick a movie that you have both never seen, make some snacks of popcorn, nibbles, glass of wine or whatever you normally have when watching a movie (for yourself of course) and then watch the movie together over video chat simultaneously. You can laugh or cry together or be scared together depending on the movie. Afterwards you and your date can discuss what you thought of the film.

  • You can play games together: There are so many fun games to play over video chat that will keep you and your date entertained for hours. You can play games that allow you to get to know each other such as Scrabble or Crosswords, or if you’re game you can play Never Have I Ever. While on the other hand you can just play fun games that pass time like charades and 20 questions, the choice is yours to use your imagination and enjoy the one on one time actually learning about each other and getting to know someone.

  • You can make dinner together: Pick a dish that you and your date have never had before and make it together over video chat. When the meal is complete compare to see whose dish looks more delicious.

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Some new isolation dating pick up lines to break the ice

COVID-19 is the most serious outbreak which has hit the world in over 100 years which we are all taking extremely seriously, but, just for a minute or two let’s try and have a giggle and put a lighter note on all the headlines which are out there just now, just relax for a while and keep your sense of humour kicking, remember we will get through this and we are all in this together.

Below you will find some comical pickup lines to break the ice with someone who catches your eye

  • Can I take you out…….sometime this year?
  • I’d love to take you on a date, but there’s nowhere to go!
  • Since all the public libraries are closed, I’m checking you out instead
  • You can’t spell virus without U and I
  • I saw you from across the room, stay there!
  • Without you, my life is as empty as the supermarket shelves
  • Hey babe, can I ship you a drink?
  • You can’t spell quarantine with “U R A Q T”
  • I really can’t stay
  • Baby its COVID-19 outside

Please Stay Safe Everyone.


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