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Our members who have met their partner and are now no longer single

A very good service

I have met someone

Hi Ann,

I have met someone through your service, I will see how things turn out.

Please delete my profile, may be back if things don't work out.

Has been interesting talking to different people.

A very good service.




Love at first sight

My stomach was churning & chest thumping

Hi there I have met a very special lady on this site. Actually it was the old saying of "love at first sight" which I have never believed in.

We first met on a Saturday for a coffee & chat and I asked to see her the following day.

On the way to see her, my stomach was churning & chest thumping. I was going too quickly for her at first and she told me to slow down, which I did.

Have seen her a few times since (we live a fair way apart) and our love is growing. She is coming to see me in a couple of days, then we have our first "date" early next week.

She has also told me she feels the same way as I do so I am a very happy chappie.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet "my fair lady". If you wish to use this as an example please feel free to do so. I will be withdrawing my name from the site in a couple of days.

She is my dream come true!!!

I believe she is the "ONE"

Hi there,

I have recently met a wonderful lady (through The Spice of Life)

She is my dream come true!!!

I believe she is the "ONE" and I hope I will not need your services again!

Thank you.

Best regards,

Found Amazing Lady

Happy Again

Hi There,

Please delete my profile. I have found the most amazing lady due to this website. I never thought I could be this happy again since my wife died 2 years ago. Praise be to God!! and thanks to Spice for making this possible.

Best wishes to all those still searching.

Regards, Peter

It was Love at First Sight

Seven weeks later we are planning to get married.

We met on Spice of Life and it was Love at First Sight. Seven weeks later we are planning to get married. We are so happy it is indescibable. If it was not for this site we would never have met. I am from Tasmania and he is from Victoria. Needless to say the airlines are now getting a lot of business from us. Thankyou to everyone.

I met as wonderful man

and we are now married!!!

I met as wonderful man on spice of life and we are now married!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for providing such a wonderful service

I think it is fantastic

I am "blown away" that this is the best site ever.

Hi all,

I have been on a few online dating sites over the last couple of years, and am "blown away" that this is the best site ever. So much so that I purchased a 6mth subscription immediately.

Unfortunately, living in Tasmania, due to lower population numbers compared with mainland states of Australia, there just never seems be enough members with who I would be compatible with. Though more importantly... not enough local members in general.

I only registered on late Sunday afternoon after accidentally stumbling across it in a google search.

As I work in a job where we are allowed to use the internet when times are quite, I logged in yesterday morning when I got to work. I signed out later in the day, then went had dinner with friends that night.

Upon getting home late last night I just couldn't get to my computer quick enough to check if I had had any messages. Low and behold, there were 6 messages and my profile had had over 61 new hits (and some of them were multiple times viewed).

I cannot praise your site enough, and think it is fantastic. Most of all it is reasonably priced. Yours is the only site I have ever paid a subscription for.

Needless to say, I will be recommending your site to a couple of friends and people at work who are also single, and like me, find that meeting someone in Hobart Tassie, is virtually impossible.

Once again,

Hail "Spice of Life"!!!!!



i have found my princess

thank you spiceoflife so much.

hi well i believe i have found my princess so i must say thanks to all the ladies who looked at my profile. i had just renewed my membership and that very same day i found my lady, she comes from Nanning in china and is my dream come true. thank you spiceoflife so much................tom