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Our members who have met their partner and are now no longer single

Best site I have ever used

I'm meeting so many nice people

Hi staff at spice of life

this is the best site that i have ever used, and i m meeting so many
nice people. just thought i would drop u a line to let u know what i
thought. this is so much better than other sites.

many thanx


Amazing guy

Don't give up as there is someone out there for you.

I would just like to say Thank You to Spice of Life as I have found someone so special thru this site.

For any of you out there who feel disheartned, don't give up as there is someone out there for you. This amazing .guy has stolen my heart and filled my life with so much joy.

I LOVE YOU and you know who you are xxx


Found a man who I am devoted to

Hellow spice of life.

I would just like to cancel my profile as I found a man who I am devoted to.

Thank you for verything you have done and I wish you all a Happy Christmas



Met the special man in my life

I have thanks to your dating website as I met the special man in my life, so please delete my profile from your site.

I thank you very much for your help.




Now in a permanent relationship

Don't give up as there is someone out there for you.

Thank you but I would like my profile removed from your database as I am now in a permanent reltionship thanks to your website.

Yours sincerely

Anita W

I met my husband

I met my husband on spice of life.

We got talking and within 5 months we got married to each other.  I travelled all the way to India from Sydney to be with him.  Now we are just waiting for the visa so he can come and stay with me in Sydney and

start a new life together,  We love each other like there is no tomorrow

We have been inseperatable

Hi there,

I have not been on the system very long but already I have met the most wonderful guy and it is a result of your agency.

I found him as a result of a compatible match message from you.  Initialy I was sceptical because I had met for coffee with

several others who I thought were a good match by reading the


Although I met some really nice people none of them really intersted me with a  view to long term relationship or romance.

Then I got the "compatible match".  I contacted Steve and since our first meeting we have been inseperatable.  I never would have contacted this wonderful guy if you had not sent me that message!

Although we both recognise that it is only early days we both just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Personally I cannot even begin to explain my gratitude towards your site or the joy I feel every day.  It has changed and turned my life around.  Its wonderful!!


Pauline and Steve

Met an amazing girl

Only datingsite I trusted

Just thought I would write a quick not before I cancel my account.

I have met an amazing girl thanks to Spice of Life.  The only dating site I trused and was confident that the majority of profiles were real unlike other dating sites.

I have also met and remain friends with other great people thanks to SOL

So in closing, thank you :)



Met on your site


I have finally got around to telling you guys my wonderful husband and I met on  your site and that was over three years ago.

We were engaged within three months and married within a year.

Best wishes to everyone:) From an Extremely Happy cCouple in our 30's

PS OF course we have recommended your site heaps of times :)

Love is out there

Please take my profile down because i met a lovely lady on sol, advice to all - be honest warts and all then you have a good chance of finding someone special.

If you put your photo up or send one to someone dont post a photo thats fifteen years old it is just a waste of time.  Best wishes and good luck to all

If not for you

Hi Spice of Life.

If not for you would never have met the fabulous Grace.

Grace and I were married this year on the 30 may 2019.

Great site great people.

Many Thanks