Online Dating Success Stories

Our members who have met their partner and are now no longer single

I have found a lovely man

Things are going well for us


Could you please delete my profile now, as I have found a lovely man, and things
are going well for us.


S Monroe

One of your clients was my perfect match

Thank you for the opportunity to have my profile on the Spice of Life database. I have now no longer a need to advertise myself here as one of your clients was my perfect match, and so would appreciate having my profile removed.

You have been most helpful and I will pass on this organisation to my friends.
Thank you
Andreas H

I have found love

I would sincerely like to thank Spice of Life

I would sincerely like to thank Spice of Life as I have found love with
the assistance of this service.

I met my boyfriend on Spice of Life and
we have been seeing each other for over 8 weeks and things have never
been better.

I would like to thank you for giving me
the chance to meet the amazing person I have met through your service.

Angela C

I have found a lovely lady

hi i would like to be off this now as i have found a
very nice lady so could you take me off please.

Thank you very much I am so happy I have found the right lady

Have a nice xmas to all


We both knew it was special

If we had never met this way we would not have met at all!

I must say that I did not use a picture. I think being a female and in a
very "high position" I felt that I had to be careful. I met three gentleman and I was impressed by them all.

Happily to say I met a man who lived in Queensland and then relocated to Adelaide.

We have seen each other regularly. When we finally met we both knew it was special.. I feel great. (I have been on my own for 7 years)

We both were very wary but ,if we had never met this way we would not have met at all! Hopefully when I next speak
with you I will have more to say.

Many thanks Jo

I have found my perfect partner

I would really like you to delete my file from yours, as I have found my
perfect partner.

lindsay w

love of my life

Thank you so much Spice of Life!!!

Without this site I could never ever found my soulmate, the love of my life and now my husband... yes, we got married last July 2013 after six months since we met at spice of life.

We are so much in love and having a happy life together.

Again thank you heaps!

Thanks to your great site

I have met a wonderful man.....

Dear Spice of Life,
Thanks to your great site I have met a wonderful man and would like to see how it goes from here. Many thanks for this wonderful service and will certainly recommend it to all my single friends.

Thanking you
Annie C

Many thanks it is a great site

Many thanks. It is a great site
I have met someone most wonderful thru spice and no longer wish
to be listed.

I have found a partner

Thanks Spice of Life

We are going to give it a go together ....Thank you again

I am now married

Thank you to Spice of Life

I am Now Married to a lovely man from Australia that I met on this site,

I would like thank the people that showed an interest ,


I fell in love

Married 4 months later

I met a beautiful lady from Malaysia on Spice, talked for 3 months, went to meet her in Kuala Lumpur, fell in love straight away, and married 4 months later.

We are both so happy thank you for the opportunity


I have been very happy with your dating site

and have met someone from spice of life

Would you please delete my profile from your website.
I have been very happy with your dating site and have met
someone from spice oflife so that is why I am
Kind regards
r j henderson

I thank you very much SOL

Married 4 months later

We met in person and the rest is history.

Kurt and I had been checking out each others profile for a little while but neither of us made any contact.

Then the night before my before birthday I get a message saying that someone from Spice of Life had contacted me. So I replied back, that night we chatted online for about 3 or so hours.

The next few days we chatted more, and then 4 days after that email, we met in person and the rest is history.

Thank you SOL.

I fell in love

Thank you spice of life, we will both be eternally grateful

hi.... would love to share with you our story... I had been on another dating site for 6 months and although i met some very nice men...none were the ONE for me....i had fun, and if i am honest was not looking for marriage then a friend asked me to join him up to a dating site, and he chose spice of as a joke i joined up too to see who would get the most contacts and there was Marc...the second man to contact me....we chatted for a while and felt so comfortable with each other ...and even though we lived in different states we decided to meet... and the rest as they say is history.... We are so in love and so perfecty matched , it still amazes both of us that we found each other. The universe definetely played a part in this love story. We are engaged and will be maried in thank you spice of life, we will both be eternally grateful. cheers shayle and marc

So happy together

I met my wonderful man on here we adore each other

Thanks for prividing the missing link between him and me, the rest was purely LUCK (or something much more magical/romantic?).'

Don't give up, you'll find your match, just make sure you know what your looking for and keep looking. 

I was on spice of life for 3 weeks when I saw HIS profile. So I sent him a brief message - he responded, we met up for coffee and the rest (as they say) is HISTORY.

We're very happy together and owe it to Spice of Life. Frightening to think that without joining up, we would have never met but even more powerful to think that we both joined, and amongst everyone else, we found EACH OTHER! Amazing....

I am very happy with your service

Ann I have been very satisfied with your service and no longer have the need as I have met a wonderful man and he certainly was my compatible match. I would like to say thank you it was definately money well spent.
Cheers Virginia